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Classes Held in Columbus, GA

Say Hola to Spanish!


"Rodney not only has an A for the 9 weeks in Spanish but has ALL As in every subject!!! Averages to Bs for the semester!!!! Thank you!!"

Warmest Regards,
C.B., M.Ed., MT (ASCP), 5/8/19

"Thank you Rachel. The kids have both enjoyed Spanish classes with you guys. They were both adamant that they wanted to continue with them this year. I appreciate it!"
-N.E., 8/14/14

"Ryan couldn't say enough good things about you and the class! He also says it's hard, but I told him that was to be expected the first day of a new language."
-J.C., 8/7/14

"GIRL! You rock.... I love how far you have taken your gifts. Jacob and Cole are well prepared for CHS thanks to you."
-S.H., 8/12/13

"Rachel is an excellent tutor who is willing to go the extra mile to get your child where they need to be for success. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend her. She is awesome!"
-D.C., 12/5/12

Paraphrased from parent phone call: We started our tutoring on October 26th with a singular mission - to raise a semester average to an A in Spanish IV. He had an 88 for the 1st 9 weeks and that would be averaged together with this 9 weeks' grade to get the semester average. Now, just 5 weeks later he has a current grade of 95 - 3 points above our goal! We still have 3 weeks to go until Christmas, and our tutoring sessions continue to keep our progress on track.
-N.V., 11/23/11

An eloquent farewell from my dear ELI students
As luck would have it, on my final day at the English Language Institute (adult ESL program at CSU), we took a field trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I was surprised by our dear students with a card signed by more than 30 students and colleauges which held a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods (based on my endless wearing of an iPod with pedometer at work). Later I received an additional cherished gift by email of the following farewell video produced by them and recorded in their own words...IN ENGLISH TO BOOT! Posted on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rYCw8H15pA
-ELI Students, 11/9/10

"[My son] has been enjoying the dancing SO much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
-A.M., 5/23/10

"Thanks for a great Spanish class...I hope that you will be teaching again next year, as we will surely sign her up again and her younger brother."
-S.M., 5/24/10

"I have a success story for you so I had some guys come in to my job from Peru an they asked me how much something was an I told them how much it was plus tax in spanish. I just thought that was cool seeing that I had did the numbers lesson last Tuesday."
- M.H., 5/4/10

"I will see you soon. Thanks again, and I hope you teach next year!!"
- J.G., 1/3/10

"We are looking forward to this class."
- A. R., 12/1/09

Thanks for all the effort you are going to for [our daughter] (private lessons, Spanish IV/SAT II Prep), [my husband] & I really appreciate it.
- L.A., 8/13/09

Hi Rachel, All of my kids were very excited to be back in Spanish for their second year. But my son had not even got all the way sat down in our van before he blurted out, “Mom – it’s AWESOME!”

I am so glad to have found you, Miss Raquel!
- A.S., 8/11/09

Are you pre-registering for Spanish II? Can you save a place for [my son] and [my daughter] for next Fall? They both tell me they feel like they've learned a lot with you!
- K.M., 5/5/09

your website is very impressive. I know you will do a great job! and [my son] really needs your help. I will call you later today. thanks so much!
- B.H., 5/5/09

Hi Miss Raquel, The year is winding down and I have been so happy with the Spanish that all three of my kids are learning in your classes. [My son] said "Spanish is really fun, mom!" So that is huge kudos to you, my friend!!!
- A.M., 4/24/09

I wanted to let you know that [my son] and [my daughter] have enjoyed the Spanish class, and I believe it has already helped their speaking and listening skills. Thanks again for taking them so late in the year.
- K.M., 3/26/08

The class keeps me focused.
- J.G., 3/25/08

I just got your phone message, and we are planning to continue with the Spanish Class. [My son] and [my daughter] thought it was very helpful already, and they were impressed by how well you spoke Spanish!! (Not that they could understand everything!) Thank you for letting them start in mid-year.
- K.M., 2/22/08

Thank you, Rachel. I really appreciate your effort.
- E.F., 2/22/08

I have bragged on you and the class and expressed how much [my son] likes the class. Thanks for what you do! Have a good day!
- H.L., 2/20/08

Thanks for letting me know about [my Preschool-aged son] and his numbers! Yes, he has counted to 100 in Spanish for me with just a little help! He loves Spanish! He knows all the body parts in Spanish as well as the Spanish alphabet. He also knows the colors in Spanish. He will be back this week. Thanks for all you do! [He] really loves Spanish and you! Take care.
- H.L., 2/10/08

Thanks you for your quick response. I apologize for my delay in getting back to you. My husband and I have discussed the classes and I am very excited about them.
- T.S., 2/7/08

[My daughter] really enjoyed her Spanish classes last year and learned a lot! However, I think we’ll take a break for awhile and perhaps resume when she is a bit older. Thanks so much,
- S.C., 1/13/08

Thanks for everything.
- A.A., 1/2/08

[My Preschool-aged son] is still LOVING Spanish. He was actually talking in Spanish the order day. (besides counting in Spanish) I think that he said how are you doing, fine thank you! He was also singing a song in Spanish! Have a nice day!
- H.L., 12/17/07

Sounds like a lot of fun! I will be happy to bring a food item and a drink. Looking forward to the fiesta! Sincerely,
- S.W., 12/6/07

Thank you for your kind words about [my son] and [my daughter] in yesterday's e-mail. It did my heart good! Regards,
- E.F., 12/6/07

Thank you for doing these tests! It is great for her to have to do this within a time frame. We do that with her Math, but no other subjects yet. Funny, but she really takes your tests a little more serious than our math tests. I guess she feels like you are a “real” teacher as compared to Mom, the teacher. I thinks it is very good for her…so thanks again!
- Blessings, S.W., 10/31/07

Thanks for all you do!
- H.L., 12/11/07

Thanks for the great classes!
- T.C., 8/16/07

Senora Raquel,
I looked at the website you told me to look at. Very interesting, I can't wait to start your Spanish class August 1st.
- Gracias, A.C., 6/7/07

My 4 year old loves you! What a wonderful service you are providing!
- Thank you, T.C., 6/7/07

Hey! GREAT website! How exciting! It looks wonderful! Lots of info and very well-organized.
- S.G., 6/8/07

It has been a blessing for [our daughter] to be in your class. She has learned so much already. It is amazing for me to see how comfortable she feels around people speaking Spanish. She enjoys helping with International Friendship Ministries on Saturday nights and loves going to the Spanish service at Evangle Temple on Sunday nights (usually about twice a month). The service at Evangle Temple is about 1 hour and 45 minutes of Spanish singing and preaching. The folks at both places seem to enjoy helping her with the language. It will be interesting to see how the Lord will use her love for this language in the future. [She] is leaving tomorrow (Friday) to go to a weekend retreat with IFM in North Carolina. She will be working with the Spanish girls (8-15 year olds). She is looking forward to this "first-time" experience.
- S.C., 6/7/07

Paraphrased from parent communication, Columbus High Spanish II student: Raised grade from 68 to 88 average in one 9 weeks.
-D.C., 11/3/06

[Our son and our daughter] really enjoyed your class.
- Thank you, V.U., 9/30/05

...after yesterday's elementary class I'm convinced you have the patience of Job. Thanks for all you're doing.
- T.B., 9/22/05

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