Instructora Señora Raquel,
B.A. Romance Languages, UGA

Classes Held in Columbus, GA

Say Hola to Spanish!

Class Preparation

el escudo mexicano Preparation for Middle School Spanish, Spanish I, II, & French I

Class Materials List
  • Spanish/English or French/English Dictionary - Harper Collins Spanish College or French College Dictionary (make sure the gender of the Spanish or French words is indicated)
  • Small Vocabulary Notebook (easy to carry around anywhere, big enough for two columns of words)
  • Multiple Colors of Pens (used for visual learners to help associate a color with the words of a certain language in your vocabulary notebook)
  • Required at Home Weekly Time Commitment: Written Homework Assignments, 15 Minutes Web Access (Flipgrid/Quizlet), 15 Minutes Phone Time (DuoLingo), Email Access, Word Processing in target language, 20 Minutes Spanish Reading, 20 Minutes Listening & Practicing Pronunciation with audio recordings
  • Class Textbook - Provided
Language acquisition is a systematic process. Using the Target Language curriculum most effectively, you will come to class ready to speak and listen with courage. At home, you will do well to focus on vocabulary, reading, and writing. While writing in your own time and space, we recommend using wordreference.com to develop your voice in your Target culture. With so many modes of communication, students are expected to contact someone in our learning community for help, if necessary, because unfinished assignments are unacceptable with the amount of time available for their completion.

Vocabulary Quizzes & Chapter Tests
Vocabulary Quizzes and Chapter Tests will be sent home to be administered by the student/parent during the week to maximize in-class instruction time. Students will be well-informed about test directions and procedures in advance, and parents may call the instructor in advance or during their testing time with any questions. You have the control over when and where your child takes his/her test. The time to allot for the test will be indicated in the parent instructions of each quiz or test. Quizzes and tests are then returned to the instructor at the next class for grading.

Culture Paragraphs & Outside Research
Periodically, culture paragraphs, Spanish current event articles, or outside research may be assigned. These assignments will be typed utilizing keyboard shortcuts or codes to
type accented letters where necessary. Culture paragraphs are due by email to me by 5:00 p.m. on the Sunday before class.

Spanish current event summaries are due by email to all class members by 5:00 on the Friday before the class for which your current event is assigned. The rest of the class will then prepare 2 questions.

To reinforce researching and sourcing skills, when outside research is assigned as ANY PART of an assignment, a source should ALWAYS be cited (i.e. http://www.wikipedia.org OR Man of La Mancha OR article entitled "Immigration Debate" from the Ledger-Enquirer). On your print-out of the actual source, a synopsis or summary of at least 3 sentences of what you learned from the source in Spanish should be given.

Preparation for Elementary & Preschool Spanish

Class Materials List
  • Pencil
  • a little bit of Loose-Leaf Paper and a thin 3-Ring Binder
  • Required at Home Weekly Time Commitment: Written Homework Assignments, 15-30 Minutes Web Access, 20 Minutes Spanish Reading, 30 Minutes Listening & Practicing Pronunciation with .wav Recordings or CDs
  • Class Workbook - Provided
Please go over the vocabulary from each week’s class with your child(ren). Periodically, vocabulary lists will be sent home covering several weeks of work. I also recommend the Spanish materials available at the north side public library and the section of children’s materials inside Barnes & Noble for more constant absorption at home. Have your child sing songs from class for your enjoyment!

Workbook & In-Home Practice Added
We will be using an interactive workbook with both the Elementary and Preschool classes with more activities to do at home each week to follow-up on our in-class exercises.  It should be fun & exciting!

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